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What is MyPDF

MyPDF is an application that provides an authentication process to verify the originality of a PDF document. Due to the availability of PDF editing software, it can be difficult to trust the content of a PDF document. This is why PDF authentication is important in protecting the authenticity of PDF content.

Why is MyPDF

MyPDF is a proposed PDF authentication software that provides reliable authentication with self-recovery. MyPDF will be available as a website and mobile application and will use new image inpainting with an outward spiral search direction for self-recovery. MyPDF can be used to check the authenticity of a PDF file and will have a high tampering rate of detection and quality of the recovered image under various attacks. The aim of this application is to provide more precision in detecting and localizing any modification in the PDF file. Additionally, it also provides a self-recovery feature, which allows users to restore modified PDF files. MyPDF is designed to ensure the integrity and authenticity of PDF documents.

Secure your PDF

Secure your PDF

It is a process of granting authenticity information into your pdf document before giving access to others.

Check PDF Authenticity

It is a process of checking the authenticity of the pdf document, showing the tampered/modified location in your pdf document.

Check PDf authenticity
Recover your pDF

Recover your PDF

It is a process of recovering the document from the tampered/modified PDF.




Unlimited PDF pages

Secure the PDF

Check Authenticity

Recover file



Unlimited PDF pages

Secure the PDF

Check Authenticity

Recover file


Saved RM29


Unlimited PDF pages

Secure the PDF

Check Authenticity

Recover file

Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

Can we check the file authenticity for the basic plan? Yes, you can check the authenticity of the file for basic plan.
Can I install/upload anything I want on there? Yes sure! However, do take note for the current time being, we only accept file in pdf format. For more file formats, please stay tune to our website.
Does the Secure your PDF function similar to file encryption? No, both are different things. With Secure your PDF function, you can create a restore point or an image file for your PDF.
How to check the file authenticity? First, you need to upload a PDF using Secure your PDF function. You might want to see if anyone makes any changes to your file without your acknowledgement, click on the Check Authenticity function and our system will compare it for you.
How many PDF can I check at once? For Basic Plan, you are only allowed to upload one file at a time. To upload as many file as you want, please check our Premium Plans.
Can I recover the files that I have not uploaded before? Unluckily no. We strongly advise you to make an original backup for important documents to avoid unauthorized modifications.

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